Why Dry Skin Brushing ?

Is your skin feeling dry or flakey? Having silky smooth & healthy skin can be achieved with the ancient tradition of dry skin brushing & the application of a luxurious body oil.

Dry skin brushing has been in practice for thousands of years.  The Native American Indian's, Japanese, Greeks and Ayurvedic practitioners, have all had their own various techniques and methods, of using this beneficial treatment. 

Dry skin brushing removes dead skin cells and allows the "I Am Aromatic's" body oils to deeply penetrate the skin and work their wonder.


Dry Skin Brushing unclogs the pores of our skin, so our bodies can effectively perspire and carry away waste.  It stimulates the oil glands that are in the second layer of the skin and assists in bringing the oil to the skins surface.  This can assist the skin's health, suppleness and elasticity.  It can also add in balancing fat distribution and has been known to aid the break down of cellulite.

The enhanced benefits of dry skin brushing include, increased vascular, lymphatic and nervous system stimulation.  Brushing towards the heart, in a circular motion over the entire body is invigorating and "Oh So Good For Us".

It is in this detoxification process, the various organs of our body are stimulated, such as the kidneys, liver and stomach, which in turn, assists the body in eliminating waste and stimulating the immune system.


Not only are we seeing physical and physiological effects of dry skin brushing, we are also loving ourselves crazy by doing this simple self-care practice.  Time alone and pampering are integral to our overall health and wellbeing.  No mummy guilt welcome in the bathroom!


Dry skin brushing is meant to be done "Dry" before you shower or bath.  Morning or night, whatever is obviously best for you. I personally prefer the evening, as it sets the tone for self care and allows the oils to penetrate and nourish you while you slumber away. If your skin is dry and a little worse for wear, daily brushing and oil application for about a week will bring you a noticeable change to your skin tone & give you a spring in your step.

Dry skin brushing once to twice a week is recommended and daily use of the "I Am Aromatic's" body oil or Body Cream is highly recommended.


Start on the sole of your right foot, generally using long, light but brisk strokes. Get your ankle, shin, calf and knee.

Then do the same on your left foot and lower leg. It helps if you can sit down.

Standing up, next brush upwards on your right and then left thigh from the knee up. Move over to your abdomen, brushing that with a circular motion.

Brush each arm, starting with the palm and brushing inward towards your heart. The elbows usually need a little extra. 

Gently brush the chest area in a circular motion, women avoid the breast area. Pay attention to under the arms around these important lymph nodes.  It is obviously a tender area so go lightly.

Brush the neck area by starting at the back of the neck and stroking with the brush towards the front (avoid your face).

The back is slightly tricky and a call for help in this area is of course an option. With the handle of these nifty brushes you should be able to reach most of your back. Continue as best you can in circular motions.

Shower or bathe, lightly pat dry and then apply your body oil.


Keep your dry body brush clean with a mild tea tree solution or an antibacterial soap. Try to only wet the bristles and then pad the bristles into a towel to dry. Leave to dry in a well ventilated area or in the sunshine, with the bristles facing down. This will prevent mould and staining on the wooden handle.