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Dry Scalp Oil

A nourishing oil to stimulate hair growth, reduce inflammation, fungal issues, dryness, itchiness & to condition the hair. Firstly rule out that you do not have a scalp condition that could be aggravated by the ingredients. Psoriasis, dermatitis etc. Change up the essential oils for varying conditions or the outcome you're after. 

30ml Amber Bottle:
Jojoba Oil 10ml
Argan Oil 5ml
Avocado Oil 5ml
Aloe Vera Oil 5ml
Calendula Infusion 5ml
Tea Tree - 10 drops
Rosemary - 18 drops
German Chamomile - 9 drops

DIRECTIONS: Warm the amount of oil required. Massage into a dry scalp for a few minutes, stimulating the hair follicles. Extend out to the ends & wrap head (shower cap or towel etc). Leave on for at least 10 mins before washing out.


CAUTION: Rosemary is not suitable for children <8, or for anyone with very high blood pressure or epilepsy.