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I Am Tranquil & Calm With I Am Aromatics

The tranquil and calm range is based upon the essential oil properties of Lavender, Australian Mandarin, Marjoram & Patchouli. Known to bring a sense of peace, calmness, centering and grounding to the mind and nervous system. 

Ideal for times of mild anxiety, stress, worry & trouble sleeping. Used in a vaporiser, roller, mist, bath or as a body product. In addition to the essential oils blends is the safe and effective flower essence. Used under the tongue, in a glass of water or drink bottle.

Layering or pairing these products is a beautiful way to care & nurture yourself. xx

Are you interested in using essential oils for you or your family as part of a holistic approach to healing & managing symptoms?  Do you already have your own collection of oils but perhaps need guidance or advice on how to use them safely & make the most of what you have spent your money on? Having a consultation with me to customise your blends or enhance the use of your collection is a service that I offer. See menu for these two options xx

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