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I Am Blemish Free - Exfoliating Mask

I Am Blemish Free Green Clay Glow Mask is an all in one exfoliating mineral rich mask. Bamboo extract is a gentle exfoliant that assists in healing breakoutsAustralian Green Clay & Diatomaceous earth are rich in essential minerals to help cleanse, purify, detoxify, balance & revitalise oily & blemish prone skin, with added zinc oxide for its healing properties. Also available as a Bundle (with grapeseed oil & bamboo bowl).

Ingredients:  Contains 30gm of Australian Green clay, Diatomaceous earth, Bamboo extract & zinc Oxide.

DIRECTIONS: Use weekly. Activate with 2 tsps of powder & 2 tsps of either grapeseed oil, facial mist, cleanser or water. Gently exfoliate and leave on for 10-20mins.  This can be done in the shower for weekly use or a click exfoliant, or used slowly as part of your pampering routine.

TIPS - For a deeper antibacterial treatment add 4 drops of either Lavender, Tea Tree or Juniper Essential Oil.