Dreamy Bundle - Sleep well with this beautiful selection of products to comfort & ease you into a peaceful sleep

Ease into a peaceful sleep with the Dreamy Bundle. It includes everything you need to help you relax and get the rest you deserve. Soak in a luxurious bath with the Tranquil + Calm aromatherapy blend. Enjoy a dreamy organic herbal tisane before bed, infused with organic chamomile, lavender, passionflower and lemon verbena, to help you unwind. Gently ingest the Flower Essence to reduce anxiety and overthinking, and apply + inhale the I am Tranquil & Calm natural perfume blend laced with Essential Oils of Lavender, Australian Mandarin, Light Patchouli & Marjoram to keep you calm. Finish off with the lavender eye pillow for a restorative sleep. Sweet dreams!