I Am Harmonious - 15ml Roller Blend

A natural perfume with a floral and feminine aroma.  The selected essential oils are known to assist in bringing about balance & harmony to the emotions, and easing the symptoms of PMS & menopause.  Also a beautiful companion for labour and birth, to assist the process & ease anxiety.

Embrace the spirit of womanhood with this little lady xx

Ingredients: Coconut oil (FCT), Vitamin E & Vegetable Glycerin. Essential Oils of Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Egyptian Geranium & Frankincense & Clary Sage. 

Caution: Patch test 1st, avoid during pregnancy (can be used during childbirth) & children <8

Usage: Use as an alternative to to perfume, apply to wrists, behind ears, neck or arms.  For therapeutic use apply also to back of neck, temples, shoulders, stomach, soles of feet (wear socks) or where required.