Gua Sha Facial Tool

Love your skin with the healing crystal properties of rose quartz.  Using a Gua Sha is a simple & gentle technique that will give your skin a mini workout by stimulating blood circulation, increasing oxygen & nutrients, relieving facial tension, relaxing facial muscles & the fascia or connective tissue beneath the skin, which can reduce fine lines & improve your overall skin health.

Traditionally used by the Chinese for centuries, Gua Sha (meaning skin scrapping). It is recommended to use the stone for 1 - 2mins a day (morning & night for optimum results) with smooth, gentle flat strokes, whilst supporting the skin behind the area the pressure is being applied. This is done with the different angles of the stone. It may also be used on the neck, arms, legs and other parts of the body to promote energy flow. Using a facial oil or thick face cream is ideal to help the stone glide.

Your skin will look slightly flushed and plump and feel invigorated when finished. Remember to always go gentle around the eyes or where the skin feels more sensitive or fragile. 


  1. Using a clean stone, press gently all over your neck, face and décolletage.

  2. Gently press and hold the tool under each eye, then over each eye, with the lids shut.

  3. Starting at the neck, press-stroke up to your forehead.

  4. Angling the tool at 45 degrees in the direction that you want to work, use the rounded edge to press-stroke the forehead, cheekbones, then the lips ― about eight sweeps in each direction. Use the heart / curved end on your throat and jawline

TOP TIP: Always apply a facial oil or moisturiser before use to ensure an even smooth stroke. 

CARE: Wash in mild soapy water & pat dry. Keep it on a protected surface or in the pouch provided out of harm's way as this is a precious stone.

NB - Each Rose Quartz Gua Sha comes with an instruction sheet + cotton pouch.