I Am Tranquil & Calm Flower Essence

Discover a modern take on rescue remedy with "I Am Tranquil & Calm Flower Essence". This gentle, natural support helps ease anxiety, overwhelm, and stress-related overthinking - all while being safe to use during pregnancy, for children, and even pets. Give your mind the break it needs with I Am Tranquil & Calm Flower Essence

I Am Aromatics in collaboration with Cath Lilburn Herbalist have carefully selected these beautiful ingredients to reflect the needs of our clients & customers.

Hand blended products maintain their vibration & frequency as they have been lovingly & intentionally prepared away from industrial settings.

“Flower Essences are flowers infused in pure water. The frequency or vibration of flower essences raise our own vibration, helping us adapt to our bodies needs and assist with healing and balancing our nervous systems. Flower essences are safe, gentle and complementary remedies for all stages of life.

Paired with aromatherapy & in particular the I Am Tranquil & Calm blend you have a beautiful combination to assist you in times of anxiety, overwhelm, stress & overthinking.⠀

INGREDIENTS: Love, Distilled Water, Plant based ethanol, Flower Essences of Elm, Aspen, Whitechestnut, Crowea & Jacaranda 

DIRECTIONS: Place 7 drops under the tongue as required. Use the Affirmation card. Can also be added to a glass of water or drink bottle to sip throughout  the day.

If symptoms persist consult your health care professional.