I Am Uplifted & Focused - 10ml Roller Blend

A natural citrusy fresh perfume blend that is energising, refreshing & invigorating. To assist in focusing the mind & uplifting the mood. Great for study & when mental clarity is required xx

Ingredients: Essential oils of Bergamot, Lime, Pink Grapefruit & Basil (organic). Coconut oil (FCT) & Vitamin E.

Caution: Patch test 1st, avoid children <8, during pregnancy, & direct sun exposure after use. Avoid overuse if you have any hormone related cancer ie oestrogen dominant Breast cancer or are on any oestrogenic medications.

Usage: Use as an alternative to perfume, apply to wrists, behind ears, neck or arms. For therapeutic use apply also to throat, temples, shoulders, stomach, soles of feet (wear socks) or where required.