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  • Cleaning Your Ultra Sonic Vaporiser

by Melissa Gale


The healing and soothing properties of essential oils have been known for centuries. Distilled from raw plant matter, essential oils can be used to treat respiratory ailments likes asthma and irritating coughs, for skin conditions such as dry skin, eczema or breakouts, to relieve stress ease anxiety, assist you into sleep and to give your home an aromatic ambience

Essential oils can be used for their healing properties in several ways.  One of the most effective uses is diffusion. Ultra sonic diffusion is the release of essential oil particles into the air. The motor in the unit vibrates and the water and essential oil molecules combine, they are then released into the atmosphere and are inhaled and absorbed.

Why clean your diffuser?
Over time and use, particles from the essential oils and scale from the water can build up and clog the mist vent, preventing your diffuser from working properly. The residual oils can stain after every use, meaning your aromatherapy isn’t as pure as it could be.

If you’re noticing a build-up of oil residue, a mixture of too many aromas or that it is simply not working as well as it should, then it’s time to give it a clean.  Doing a vinegar clean weekly or fortnightly is advisable.  A warm soapy water rinse or a vinegar wipe down after every essential oil change is ideal. This keeps the integrity of the essential oil or blend you are using at its optimum.

Vinegar Clean

Step 1 – check the owner’s manual as some companies advise not to use vinegar on their vaporisers and recommend rubbing alcohol. If that is the case the clean as per their instructions or your own discretion.

Remember that water and electricity don’t mix! Whenever you’re refilling, cleaning or moving your essential oil diffuser, turn off and unplug the adaptor from its power source first. Covering the mist hole over with you finger is a great habit to prevent water getting into the motor.

Don’t use abrasives, aerosol sprays or solvents to clean your diffuser as you may damage the plastic and end up vaporizing chemicals. Never submerge your diffuser in water.

Step 2 – Add water

Cover any visible outlet with your finger. Rinse and swish out the reservoir with warm water and then fill to about half way with cold clean tap water, stopping well before the maximum fill line as you will only be running the diffuser for a brief amount of time.

Step 3 – Add vinegar

Oil residue can often build up and stick to the inside as well as on the glass and plastic components of the diffuser. Pure white vinegar is a great natural cleaning agent.  For a smaller 100ml vaporizer add 2ml of vinegar and for the larger 300ml add 5ml of vinegar.

Step 4 – Run the diffuser

Plug in your diffuser and run it for about 5 minutes if it is a weekly clean.  If you are cleaning it after a longer time let it run for about 1/2hr. This will be enough time for the water and vinegar to move throughout the diffuser and clean it. Placing it near an open window will help ventilate any unpleasant aroma.

Step 5 – Drain the diffuser

After turning off and unplugging the diffuser, pour out the remaining water from the reservoir. Pour from the back of the diffuser so you don’t spill any water on the front operating buttons, covering the hole with your finger.

 Step 6 – Wipe down

Using a paper towel dipped in vinegar, gently wipe down the interior including the ultrasonic plate.

Step 7 – Rinse and dry

Simply rinse out the inside of the diffuser with some clean water then dry all over with a clean cloth. Your diffuser is now as clean as new and ready to continue diffusing your favourite essential oils. The more frequently you clean your diffuser, the purer and more effective the diffusion of essential oils will be, and the longer your home diffuser will last.

With just a little TLC your essential oil diffuser will keep working for you and your family, calming minds, healing ailments, & creating a beautiful atmosphere in your space or home. Enjoy xx

Melissa Gale
Melissa Gale


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