Grief & The Healing Power Of Essential Oils

Melissa Gale

Dear Nan,

When I remember you, my throat tightens; my eyes sting and salt lightly drips from them. The moment and memory are so familiar, intense, surreal, so far away yet so strangely close. It then gently passes like a boat sailing over the gradual swell at sea. I acknowledge the emotion, release the memory, give thanks for the endless love and support you instilled in me….

The sudden shock of grief is thrust upon us, thrown at us, pummelled over us and showered upon us. Its relentless reappearance can strike us at any moment. It is only with courage, time, patience, acknowledgement, surrender and support that it’s mighty force can be lifted.

We are created to experience this mysterious pain, and we are also created to move through it, however it looks and however long it takes.

As a massage therapist my career has consisted of many shattered hearts and fatigued bodies lying broken and vulnerable before me. My heart has been heavy for them, my own personal pain and various experiences triggered and resurfaced.

We must pave the path forward working through our grief to help those following from behind. Leading by example, caring for our self, followed by caring for others. Alongside time, prayer, support and professional help. I truly believe in the power and natural healing abilities of essential oils.

Having used essential oils in a clinical aromatherapy setting for treatments and client after care.  I have witnessed many that find themselves again, muster the courage to carry onwards through their pain and eventually heal and adapt to the ripple effect that loss has left them with.

The varying emotional stages of grief can cycle repetitively. These emotions include:

Anger, Denial, Despair, Shock & Sadness

This idea of healing for some may seem unachievable. Despair has such a way of robbing us of hope. Clinging to hope and faith may be the lifeline that slowly reels us forward. For some this life changing pain will never completely leave or be completely healed. Understanding that self and lifelong management of this intense emotion is necessary.

When essential oils are used daily as a natural perfume, body product, vaporising or massage, the healing properties can assist us emotionally as we start to heal.  The molecules attaching themselves to the necessary pathways, the olfactory system receiving a new scent will bring a new memory, facilitating physiological changes and ultimately aiding in a holistic, gradual and hopeful healing.

Oils such as Rose, Jasmine, frankincense and Lavender soothing the soul, blanketing the nervous system, awakening the mind and spirit to gently mend and heal the heart. The aromatic wonder and synergy of the blended oils assisting and pulling us forward into the new normal. Calming the parasympathetic nervous system will lead to nourishing sleep, better digestion & clarity of the mind.

The essential oils of Cedarwood, Cypress, Juniper & Frankincense in the  I Am Wonder Filled blend, have the intention and effect of releasing the past, removing emotional, negative & spiritual blocks. Cleansing the atmosphere & energy.

With so many varying degrees of grief. Please know you are not alone, If you are struggling through the various stages and emotions of grief and are interested in something that you can add to your healing journey, feel free to get in touch, we can work together to blend you a personal formula which will encourage you towards your new normal.

Long term intense grief or trauma induced from your experience can be debilitating, there is certainly no shame in seeking professional help.

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Hearing stories & connecting with people who have similar experiences is most certainly beneficial:

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Much Love

Melissa xx